The GOOSEBERRY project teaser - announcing Blender Foundation's feature ...

The Blender Institute proudly presents: "the GOOSEBERRY project".
Support us at: http://cloud.blender.org/gooseberry/

Studios and artists involved:
Autour de Minuit, The Blender Institute, Character Mill, CG Cookie, David Revoy, Gecko Animation, Ideas Fijeas, Kampoong Monster, Studio Lumikuu, Mad Entertainment, Ovni VFX, Poked Studio, Pataz Studio, Pitchi Poy, Vivify.

Music by "The Bewitched Hands" (http://thebewitchedhands.com/ )
courtesy of Savoir Faire (http://savoirfairecie.com/)

Directed by Mathieu Auvray
Writen by Esther Wouda & Mathieu Auvray
Voice Actor: Tom Hudson
Sound Design: Near Deaf Experience

Licensed as Creative Commons No-Derivatives Attribution 3.0


One Billion Rising in Second Life - Justice

One Billion Rising in Second Life for Justice (2014)

Second Life artists:

kicca igaly - takni & raskolnikow roffo - solkide auer - aloisio congrejo - 2lei - 
betty tureaud - giovanna cerise - finn lanzius & fantasi rhode - bowie zeplin - 
3d sculpture garden - fuschia nightfire - katz jupiter - mikati slade - krystali rabeni - 
tyrehl byk - littleone aries - nino vichan - ohsolemio - carmsie melodie - walt ireton - 
freewee ling - melusina parkin - misprint thursday - holala alter - taralyn gravois - toysoldier thor - pallina60 loon - em larsson - byrnedarkly cazalet


“Tears of a smile” by Roger Subirana Mata 
"Break the Chain" by Tena Clark & Tim Heintz 

Filmed in Second Life and edited by: 

pallina60 Loon

“One Billion Rising for Justice” logo is part of the Toolkit can be downloaded from the official website 


The page on the official website OBR 

Shots of the event  

The Facebook page  

Main One Billion Rising for Justice page  

Thanks to: 

Region Design: Winona Wiefel, Aisling Sinclair
Stage Design: Victor1st Mornington
Press and Public Relations: Saffia Widdershins
Non-profit Organization Coordinator: Qwis Greenwood
Sponsor Relations: Aisling Sinclair
Entertainment: Samantha Ohrberg
Art Display: Taralyn Gravois
OBR Team in Second Life 


"Moving Island" LEA20

If you suffer from seasickness, do not visit this installation ^ ^
Here, everything moves, floats and turns.
Eupalinos Ugajin oversaw this project and invited many friends to participate 
(see the names of the participants in the project, the poster created by Simotron Aquila, is below).
You can visit "Moving Island" until the end of December .... please come.

Poster by Simotron Aquila

Are you still undecided?
Ok, you need to watch a preview of the installation.
Here is a machinima made ​​by me ^ ^

Or read the article in the blog of Linden Endowment for the Arts

Want to see some good shots of the creations?
See the Flickr set from Eupalinos Ugajin

And do not forget to take your gifts.
When you arrive in LEA20, look for the egg and click it.

Have fun


VIDEO: "Io non (A) mollo

Non dico altro.......dice tutto lui^^

Da un'idea di Reiyel Rhode

Machinima realizzato 
in Second Life 
pallina60 Loon

con la collaborazione e partecipazione di

Samira Tammas
Luce Laval
Reiyel Rhode
Lolagirl Karu
Angelica Ebbage
Florinda Baxton
pallina60 Loon

L'ambiente per le riprese video 
è stato costruito nella sim 
Erato of Caerleon

Le musiche sono contenute 
nel programma di Editing Video
MAGIX Video Deluxe

La musica dei titoli di coda
"In prigione in prigione"
è un Midi di 


MachinimUWA VI "Reflections"...3rd place (again)

Jayjay says:
And then there were THREE..... 

The 3rd prize winner featured on 19 of the judges top 10 lists finishing with 65 points. Receiving TWO 1st place votes, THREE 2nd, THREE 3rd and TWO 4th place votes... taking home L$125,000 is:   CLICK HERE

"Pallina...the little rascal" 
WINNER OF 3nd PLACE MACHINIMUWA VI 2013 "Reflections" 

On the 4th of August, at The UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre, competition MachinimUWA VI "Reflections", ended with the award ceremony.
Despite some crash problems, probably caused by the massive presence of people, I was able to follow the entire ceremony thanks to the live streaming of AviewTV.
This was my third participation in the event and, like the previous times, my heart went into tachycardia while Jayjay pronounced the titles of winners starting from 10th place to 1st.

Pallina at the awards ceremony

"No, this time I did not really expect to see my machinima in the top ten. Maybe because the theme "Reflections" was serious and challenging and I have built a machinima very light, playful and fun. I preferred to play on the different meanings of the word 'Reflections' exploiting it in practical term. 
So I thought of a static scene with a mirror on a wall and in front of this mirror, a little mischievous and rebellious girls that combines some troubles ..... actually that girl is me at the age of 7/8 years or so. I was very mischievous and trouble-maker ^ ^ 

Real pallina to 7/8 years of age.
I was really a little troublemaker.
You can sense from my face? :-P

I watched all the 64 videos in the past few days and felt to be out of the other machinima , then, I was surprised to hear that I had won the third place WOW.
I do not know the grounds on which the courts have taken this decision but I like to think that watching my video, they  smiled or laugh^ ^
After three years of participation in the event MachinimUWA, I can say that is my favorite event in SL, I really enjoy creating machinima, and that, once again, I felt great emotions during the ceremony.
Thanks UWA (The University of Western Australia in SLthat allows all this and congratulations to all the winners". 

PS- To know all the winners of the MachinimUWA VI "Reflections" and all the winners of the UWA 3D Art Centenary Challenge, please, visit the UWA site.

PPS-You want to know what video I added in the first place, in my personal top 10? 
If the answer is yes, click HERE (I love this machinima).